Al Raha Beach Rest , Ash Sharqiyah South Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Al Raha Beach Rest

Ash Sharqiyah South , Jalan Bani Bu Ali

50 OMR



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Al Raha Beach Rest, the rest for families, schools and family gatherings. It is distinguished by its prime location near the beach.

✅ Facilities:

• An Arabic house consisting of:
- Four large bedrooms
- Four toilets
- A kitchen
- A heritage session
- Swimming pool.
- A children's playground

• Heritage house consisting of:
- Two bedrooms with two toilets
- A kitchen
- Children's playground.

✅ Prices and booking times:

• Arabic House:
- (80 riyals) from 12 pm to 9:30 am (overnight stays)

• Heritage house:
- The price is (50 riyals) from 12 pm to 9:30 am

* To confirm and confirm the reservation, transfer 50% of the amount
The deposit is not refundable if the reservation is canceled

Note: Paying a deposit of 20 riyals refunded after the Czechs on the house and delivering it as clean as it was

✅ Al Raha Beach Rest location : South Al Sharqiya, Ja`alan Bani Bu Ali, Al Ashkhara

✅ For reservations and inquiries:

For contact: +968 97666969
Our goal is to provide the right place for you to spend the most beautiful times with family and friends



60 OMR Ash Sharqiyah South , Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Sama Al Ashkhara Rest

Sama Al-Ashkhara Rest, a golden place to spend the best times with family and friends, where you can rest and relax away from the noise of life ..

It is 350 meters from the beach ..

Each corner of it contains a different and varied atmosphere, including elegant, air-conditioned rooms equipped with beautiful furniture, a kitchen that includes all its requirements, and various entertainment facilities suitable for all family members ..

✅ Attachments:

• External Council
• A spacious hall
• Two rooms
• A fully equipped kitchen
• 4 toilets
• Outdoor session
• Filtered swimming pool
• Kids games
• A special place for slaughtering
• A special place for barbecue

Enjoy a calm and entertaining atmosphere with your friends and family and dispel the negative energy that you may carry with you in complete privacy ..

✅ Rental prices:

• A full day without overnight stay (from 11 am - 11 pm checkout) - 60 riyals
• Overnight (from 11 am - 9 am checkout) - 70 riyals
• Pay 30 riyals for insurance
• Prices are fixed to prevent embarrassment

✅ For reservations and inquiries, please call:

- 93286723
- 98899758

We welcome all guests and we wish you to spend quality time with your loved ones

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70 OMR Ash Sharqiyah South , Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Al Joory Rest

Al Joory Rest House Al-Ashkhara , where the autumn weather and the summer temperature reach 24.

✅ Facilities:

◾ Council with an area of ​​(6 * 4) equipped with a TV screen and central air conditioner
◾ bedroom, central air conditioner, with bathroom
◾ A shared lounge with a European system kitchen with all its requirements, a moving television screen, a refrigerator, a cooker, an oven, a refrigerator, and drinking water
◾ A tent with Arab sessions equipped with air conditioning and a TV screen
◾ 3 toilets
◾ Outdoor sessions of pine trees
◾ Toys for children
◾ Pool table.
◾ volleyball court.
◾ A place equipped for barbecue
A place designated for slaughtering.

✅ Chalet Al Joory Location: Al Ashkhara

- It is 150 meters from the sea
- And about Al Ashkharah Park, 100 meters away
- You can play sports.
- Fishing on the beach.

✅ Rental price:

- Full day with overnight stay, price is 70 riyals
- Prices are fixed to prevent embarrassment
- Payment of 20 riyals for insurance

✅ Call & WhatsApp contact : +968 96914041

Enjoy with your family in a beautiful surroundings and complete privacy.

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100 OMR Ash Sharqiyah South , Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Loaloat Al Ashkhara Rest

Loaloat Al Ashkhara Rest House, the lounge is beautiful and its location is excellent, close to the sea, and a quiet place where the family can walk on the sea and the place is special.

A place of excellence and tranquility for a fun and beautiful day

✅ Facilities:

- Swimming pool with hotel system
- A board with an air-conditioned tent body
- Master bedroom with bathroom
- Double bedroom with bathroom
- Corridor for the kitchen with an integrated European system
- A place with a chimney for grilling
- Swimming equipment for children and adults
- Toys for children

✅ Place: Jaalan Bani Bu Ali - Al Ashkhara near the beach.

✅ Rental price: 100 riyals for one night

✅ For reservations and inquiries: +968 94251114

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70 OMR Ash Sharqiyah South , Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Dhabi Al Fala Rest

Dhabi Al Fala Rest. We welcome our distinguished visitors, and we wish you to spend quality time and happy moments in a wonderful family atmosphere.

✅ Facilities:

* Two large bedrooms.
* Large lounge area
* External board
* Swimming pool filtered
* Two water sessions
* Fully equipped kitchen
* External sessions
* A place designated for grilling

✅ Al Fala antelope rest location: Jaalan Bani Bu Ali - Al Ashkhara

✅ Prices:

* With the staying overnight
From (11:00 AM) to (9:00 AM) the next day

* Without staying overnight.
From (12:00 AM) to (11:00 PM)

- You will receive confirmation for reservation when entering the amount in the account

Contact number: 98108159

We wish you happy times

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70 OMR Ash Sharqiyah South , Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Al Hawraa Chalet

Al Hawraa Chalet, the site al ashkharah is 150 meters from the sea and 100 meters from Al-Ashkharah Park

Rest houses and chalets for rent in al ashkharah. You can practice sport and fishing on the beach, where the weather is autumn, when the temperature in summer reaches 24.

✅ Components:

* Majlis with an area (4.5 * 4) equipped with a TV screen, central air conditioner, and a toilet.
* Bedroom, central air-conditioner, with bathroom.
* Two air-conditioned children's rooms with a toilet.
* Hall area (12 * 4) with a TV screen.
* An open external session.
* A kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a refrigerator, water for drinking, a cooker, and all the tools.
* Children's games.
* A place designated for barbecue.
* A place designated for slaughter.

✅ Price and timing:

- From 10 a.m. to 9 a.m. the next day, 70 riyals.
- Prices are different for the official holidays and the summer vacation today for 80 riyals.
Payment is 20 riyals for insurance.
- Prices are fixed to prevent embarrassment.

✅ For reservations, contact WhatsApp:

- 92190207
- 97075989
- 91194833

Enjoy with your family in a beautiful place and complete privacy.

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80 OMR Ash Sharqiyah South , Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Ras Al Hadd Waves Resort

Ras Al Hadd Waves Resort. You can enjoy the beauty of marine nature and silver sands on the beaches of Ras Al Hadd Where turtle nesting, marine sport, hunting and lunar nights.
As Ras al-Hadd is the first spot where the sun rises in the Arab world.

✅ Chalet facilities:

- Two large bedrooms with bathrooms
- A spacious hall
- A ready kitchen with all its components
- A barbecue place.
- An Arab session with a pool view
- Swimming pool for adults and children
- Bathroom next to the basin.
- An outdoor swimming pool by the pool
- A session in the chalet's art
- A sitting outside the chalet overlooking the sea

✅ Note‼ ️

• All rooms have a sea view
• The distance between the chalet and the beach is 100 meters
• There is a worker in the chalet 24 hours
• Free calling service (Wi-Fi)

✅ Ras Al Hadd Waves Resort Prices:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, holidays and official holidays for the full day: 100 riyals
- And the rest of the days of the week 80 riyals

✅ Conditions‼ ️

• Check in at 12:00 noon
• Exit at 10 am.
• Do not use amplifiers
• Do not disturb the neighbors
• Not to harass and mess with turtles

Payment is made by bank deposit

✅ For reservations and communication: +968 98399958

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