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60 OMR Ad Dakhiliyah , Al Hamra

Mountain House

Mountain House Hospitality & Camping, Jabel Shames Al hamra. Designed in a traditional and modern style. One of the most luxurious chalets and the first of its kind in Jebel Shams. Built from the natural rocks of Mount Sun to blend with the mountainous nature.

✅ It consists of:
* Two bedrooms, lounge, dining room, three toilets and a kitchen with all cooking accessories
* Contains a well-equipped barbecue area with private laundry
* Main room (double bed_table adjustment)
* Triple room (3 beds, tecovement, tables, extra)
* Lounge (Arabic session)
* Council (designed with a modern and heritage design with sofas, can accommodate 15 people)
* Dining hall (Arabic session with chimney)

* Kitchen (Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer, Wash)
* External session (1) can accommodate up to 30 people
* External session (2) can accommodate 10 people
* Room for barbecue (barbecue)

✅ Customized services (P-on request):
- Buy a buffet
- Provision of meat and meat
- Wood and coal saving
- Provision of external tents

✅ Note:
Receive the house clean and deliver it clean

✅ The daily rental price is only 60 riyals

✅ For reservations and inquiries, contact: 97405230

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